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Dear visitors,
A warm welcome to our website. Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (HNSP) aspires to become the most trusted world leader in the manufacturing of peptide APIs and Generic Finished Dosages. With this vision, HNSP’s staff has persevered in their work, and the company is committed to being the best in synthesized peptide R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Since its founding in 2000, HNSP has become a key supplier and the most competitive enterprise in the Chinesedomestic synthesized peptide industry, and is now expanding HNSP’s business to global markets. With the mission of caring about people’s health, HNSPpursues continuous growth and improvement– in each of our talented professionals, in all of our processes, and in our innovative and modern manufacturing facilities. The contributions and support to our company’s progress from our employees, our customers and our shareholders areall greatly appreciated. On behalf of HNSP, please accept my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

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